A Great Moisturizer for the Lazy Individual

     As Winter approached, I was in serious need of moisturizing.  But I am one of those girls that choose to not moisturize out of laziness.  The most moisturizing i would be willing to do is on my face and my hands.  Anywhere else on my body has been quite neglected.

     While stopping by the Lush store to pick up some essentials, being the super nice an helpful person that they are, the sales person there tried to sell me a moisturizer, but I told him I despised moisturizing my body because it took too much time.  He quickly got excited to show me a moisturizer that you can use in the shower.  I told him that he caught my attention and I was willing to hear him out.  He showed me the Ro’s Argan body conditioner and tried a sample on my arm.  After having rinsed my arm, I could feel a bit of a change in my arm.  It was quite soft and made me a little excited to try a sample.
     This product was created by Rowena, who wanted a product to help her body feel as soft and silky as after you put conditioner on your hair.  You literally put this product on your body after you use soap.  Just rinse and pat dry.  After having just using a sample size of this on my body, I could tell my body felt a lot softer and pampered.  The scent is supposed to smell like rose, but I could not tell.  The smell did have a hint of something sweet at the end which I really like.  I had to rush back to lush the next day and make the purchase.  The product is however $32.95 for and 7.2 oz tub of product.  It is pretty pricey but, in my opinion, well worth the purchase.  I’ve had my tub for about two weeks already and there’s still a lot of product.  I just use a dollop of it and I’m good to go.

     This product works really well because the main ingredient is argan oil.  Argan oil is not just good for your hair, but it is very soft on the skin  Other main ingredients in this product consist of: Almond oil, cocoa butter, and gogi berry.

     Until I find a product that matches it’s quality and a cheaper price, I will definitely continue to purchase this product.

You can purchase this at a Lush store near you or on their store online



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