Planning a Baby Shower

So this weekend, I planned a baby shower for my aunt.  I wanted to put my creativity into something more meaningful than just constantly sprucing up my room every month.  The one thing that i learned that is very important for everyone to understand is that you should never take on too many things at once.  When i thought about planning her baby shower, i first thought about decorations.  I love arts and crafts so it wasn’t so hard to figure out my theme and how i wanted to incorporate everything together.  But then i started thinking about desserts and making them look cute and delicious at the same time.  I am most definitely not someone who is good at making desserts.  It almost never turns out the way i want.  But i wanted my first event to be perfect.  Never again in my life will I attempt to make desserts for a party.  It was disastrous!!  On top of that, I wasted half my time worried about  my desserts turning out perfect than focusing on what i was good at, decorations.

Deciding what i wanted the theme for the shower to be was easy.  While looking through invitations online, I was able to incorporate the invitation theme into the shower.  I sent out the invitations through evites and they have tons of invitations for every different occasion.  As i was looking through the baby shower section, i spotted an invitation with a mama elephant and her two babies.  My aunt is having twins so that was the perfect invitation to send out.  Here’s the link to that invitation.  Isn’t it cute?!! The second i saw that invitation the decorating ideas just flowed through my head.  But that’s for another day  to talk about.  I spent two weeks planning the shower and keeping track of the guests coming in, but I just felt like there wasn’t enough time to plan the whole shower.  There is a lot I need to learn about in this event planning business and the main thing of it is is to be VERY ORGANIZED.  I decided to purchase a separate planner to properly schedule everything i need to do each day to keep track of my to do list.  I also purchased a notebook to help me jot down ideas for future events as well as advice I find online and from fellow event planners.  Planning may seem fun in the beginning but if you don’t stay organized, you’ll end up feeling like its a chore rather than a hobby.  Although my first event was not as great as i wanted it to be, I’m glad I followed through with it and didn’t give up.  I’m really glad my first event was a family member.  It gave me less pressure of messing up and more room to use my creativity.  I can’t wait to plan my next event and I hope that as I continue on this journey, I will become better at planning events in the future.


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