New Fragrance for the Sunny Seasons

I’ve been searching for a new scent lately and am really frugal when it comes to buying perfumes. I always opt for the body splashes from bath and body works. But for some reason I just feel like giving myself a little gift and spoiling myself with a higher end fragrance. I was in sephora yesterday for their VIB event and was actually looking for an eye shadow palette to add to my collection. But nothing really appealed to me. Not even the Princess Jasmine collection or the Oz collection. They just didnt stand out. So I pulled out my phone and looked through my list of wants and realized that I haven’t purchased a perfume in over a year. I was looking through the perfume section when this ladybug bottle stood out from everything else.

Dot by Marc Jacobs is just so gorgeous. And when I saw it, I prayed it wasn’t a floral scent because I’m just not too fond of those kind of perfumes. Personally, when I smelled it, there was no hint of floral but when you read the description it says there’s hints of floral notes. I just love how it smells so fresh and it just reminds me of spring.
I decided to get the 1.7 oz bottle because the design was just to beautiful to pass up. (Price) I decided to purchase the gift set with a makeup bag, body lotion and body wash for about ten dollars more. It was too good of a deal to pass up. With my 15% off code, I pretty much paid for it at regular price without the extra stuff. I’m glad I stumbled upon this scent and a definite Happy Spoil Myself Day to me. =)

Here is the link to the item that i ended up purchasing at Sephora
Dot Gift Set


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