Work OOTD ( with a Touch of Turquoise)

Today I thought I’d share with you guys a bit of what I would typically wear to work.  My kind of fashion is pretty girly and I always have to have some sort of pop of color incorporated into my outfit or makeup look.  And today I have incorporated turquoise both into my makeup and my outfit.

I love the fact that I can wear pretty much anything I want to work.  I can dress in my own style and still keep it pretty presentable.  Here I am wearing this stripped top that I found at Ross. (I absolutely love discount/thrift stores)  I paired it with a body-con skirt I purchased at Forever 21.  I love wearing these skirts and wearing stockings underneath.  I don’t always like to show a lot of skin, especially at work.  So I love wearing stocking underneath my skirts.  The leather boots that I am wearing are so comfy.  I’ve had them for quite some time already and they’re still standing strong.  I think its been with me for about two years.  And for about $45 bucks a pair, you can’t say that they weren’t a steal.  To finish off my outfit, I put on this denim jacket that I found at a boutique store.  It so lightweight and I just love the floral cuffs.  It definitely gives it a more feminine look.

For my makeup, I like to add that pop of color but not too intense.  Especially when I’m going to work, I like to keep it more subtle.  I think this outfit is definitely Spring appropriate.  Now I can’t wait for the weekend to come already so I can be in more comfortable clothes!!

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