First Impressions: Bubble and Bee Cream Deodorant

After doing some hard and long researching, I realized the aluminum in my deodorant that’s supposed to help me not sweat is actually really not good for my body internally.  I’ve done extensive research on natural products to try.  I wanted a product that will make me not smelly because I sweat quite a bit  under my arms. I also didn’t want something too pricey and I wanted something that actually smelled nice.  I finally stumbled on a product that I think may actually work!!

I found a site called Bubble and Bee and they had a bunch of different USDA approved products for deodorants.  They also have face wash, shower gels, and lip balms.  I thought it was pretty cool that most of their ingredients are organic.  And you can actually read the ingredients and know what they are.  You know how the saying goes, if it’s a word that you can barely read, then it’s probably bad for you.  So I decided to try out their cream deodorant because it goes on clear and it’s supposed to make me smelly-free for at least 12 hours.  Keep in mind that you will not stop sweating because sweating is actually a good thing.  It helps you get rid of those nasty toxins in your body.  Bubble and Bee has a sample pack of six where you can try different scents to see which one you will like best.  Each little container lasts about 2 weeks.  So for $19.99 for a three month supply of samples, that not too bad in my opinion.
Right off the bat, I already love the smell of it. I bought the samples sizes on their website and I decided to try out the Orange Vanilla first. It reminds me of the drink orange bang.  As I applied it to my underarms, it felt smooth and it went on clear, which was a big plus for me. I don’t wanna be wearing sleeveless tops and having white residue under my arms. Gross.  After a long day at work, date night with the boyfriend, and grabbing a couple of drinks with some friends, I can honestly say that this stuff really works!! I mean I smelled a little when I got home. But what deodorant keeps you smelly free 12+ hours later? I’m pretty satisfied with this product and I can’t wait to try the other fragrances and maybe even look for other products on their site to try.  Maybe I’ll try going the organic route and purchase products that are safe for my body.  Who knows? A new goal in life maybe?


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