Essentials For a Quick Makeup Look

Ever wake up and feel like you never have time to apply any makeup? Whether it’s staying up to study for finals, had a late night at the office, or just plain lazy; you can always find some essentials to put on a quick look that looks great.

I like to apply a BB Cream when I am in a hurry because all I need to apply it with are my fingers.  You can use a brush but that just loses you time when you’re in a hurry.  Then, I’ll set it with a powder to help control shine throughout the day.  You can skip this part if you want, but the next thing to apply is under eye concealer.  On those late nights when I’m awake and doing who knows what, I tend to wake up with dark under eye circles and a salmon colored concealer helps to cancel out any darkness I have.  Next, apply an iridescent cream colored eye shadow.  This helps to brighten up your eyes and you really just need that one color to bring out those beautiful eyes.  If I have time, I’ll quickly define the outer corners of my eyes with a copper colored eyeshadow.   Eyeliner to me, is very important.  It helps to define your eyes and to make them look more awake.  A brown eyeliner will help give your eyes that awake look without being too dramatic like a black liner would do.  A bright colored blush (not pictured) will make you look healthy and glowy and you dont really need to apply the bronzer.  Blush helps to bring color to your face and gives you that healthy looking glow.  I’d go with a rosy pink or a coral blush for this look.  You can’t forget to apply mascara.  Just curling those lashes help to open up your eyes and you won’t have that sleepy look when you’re headed out the door.  The last thing to apply to your already beautiful face is some lip color.  Because I feel that the whole face looks more neutral and light, I’d go with a bright lip color to put it all together.  I feel that a bright lip with a subtle look helps to make you look that much more fabulous.  Now you’re ready to head out that door and face the world.

If you absolutely have no time, I’d just go straight to the eyeliner, mascara and a bright lip color.  Just using those three things can make you look awake and ready to go in no time!!

What are your makeup essentials when you’re in a hurry?

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