Love Me Some Lush

Last year, I started to explore LUSH more than just their bath bombs and bubble bars.  I remember my first time walking into the store and feeling just overwhelmed.  The store is literally filled with body and face care products and everything smells just lovely.  All LUSH products are made from natural ingredients which was what drew me in.  I could go on and on about all the products I’ve purchased, but that will be for another day.  Maybe I’ll have a section dedicated to my lovely LUSH products because that’s pretty much how many products I own from them.  I am a LUSH feind!!  

So anyways, I like to dedicate a day in the week just to pamper myself and relax.  I love putting on a mask and just letting it do it’s thing.  My favorite mask at the moment is their Mask of Magnaminty.  I love applying this to  my face, but I especially love putting this on my upper back.  A person like me, who sits at a desk all day answering phone calls and typing all day, needs to have a product like this to help take the stress out of my back.  The sales person that showed me this item sold me when she told me that this would be great for back sores.  I have to say that it definitely works.  I love the pepperminty feel and I love how it deep cleans into my pores.  It’s the perfect pampering product!! 
Along with the mask, I decided to take a nice hot bath while curling up in a good book (currently re-reading Twilight,  Team Edward!! ^.^). You can never go wrong with their bathbombs and bubble bars.  They smell so good and they add that extra moisture to your skin.  I love how I smell every time I get out of the bath.  I just want to stay in there forever!! I feel that every girl should have a day of relaxation.  Doing this at home save time and money.  I look forward to my Sunday night Me Time because of this.  
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