Following Your Dreams

Growing up, I was always brought up to go the safe route in life.  I wanted to do so much, but my parents would either think it’s not safe or just tell me it’s not worth my time.  Whether it’d be sports, dancing, or any other recreational activity, my parents would not allow.  If it did not look like it would help me academically, the option was out.  So I did as I was told and went through school taking all the safety precautions and just got by.  To be honest, I’m not much of a good student.  I got average grades and maybe even some C’s and D’s.  School just wasn’t for me.  I didn’t know what I was going to do with my life.  I finally convinced my mom to let me join an after school art program.  That was where I met my teacher and mentor.  And to this day, I still ask her for advice.  It’s been 13 years since we met.  I was that shy little girl in class that was too scared to ask questions.  But she was always patient with me and she never pushed me into doing anything I didn’t want to do.  Because of her, I slowly got out of my comfort zone and started exploring other creative aspects.  It may just be art to some, but to me, it was like therapy.

As I grew older and went off to college, I took little pieces of advice she gave me and tried to use it in my everyday life.  Jumping out of my comfort zone in college was my thing to do.  I joined a Sorority, I made the initiative to make new friends.  I even lived on my own for a couple of years.  Those were the years when I was truly finding myself.  I majored in History with a minor in Administrative Studies.  Thinking that I would one day go into Accounting and become a CPA.  That was the plan, but one day, as I was going through those books and preparing for the test, I realized that wasn’t what I wanted to do.  I actually wanted to do something creative with my life.  I wanted to become a Wedding Planner.  Ever since I watched Jennifer Lopez in that movie with Matthew Mcconaughey, I wanted to do what she did.  I wanted to make someones dream come into a reality.  At first I was skeptic of my true potential.  It literally took to the age of 24 to get myself to sign up for a wedding course.  And now I’m on my way to working on that certificate and I’m already in the process of working with my first client!! I’ve never felt so liberated in my life to finally get out of that comfort zone and doing something that I love.  I may not be doing this full-time just yet, but at least I am heading in that direction.  I never realized how much support I had from my friends and family.  I didn’t know that they saw the potential that I couldn’t see until now.  I’m really happy that I’m finally doing something that I love and that I can see myself doing for years to come.  I would never let anyone hold me back again.  I just feel too liberated to let anyone ever do that to me!!

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