Tip Tuesday: Off-Season Weddings

Weddings can get pretty expensive.  If you’re trying to save some money, consider having your wedding during the off season months. During that time,  businesses are hungry for clients and you can definitely negotiate to lower your prices and save for that honeymoon you always dreamed of.  If you are inviting out of town guests, they’ll be saving money too.  Hotels and airfare are also cheapest during the off season time.  You’re guests will have happy wallets too!

The off season months vary from region to region.  But I have been noticing that in Los Angeles, the off season months are from November to March of the next year.  April to October are the busy months. If you do choose to go with the months between November and March, make sure that you plan your venue accordingly.  You wouldn’t want an outdoor wedding during the cold winter days.  Think rationally.  Something’s gotta give if you want to save some money.  Also, keep in mind that holidays will most likely be peak season pricing.  So make sure to avoid those dates as well.  Happy Planning!

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