Trending Thursday: Popular Food Idea

You can’t have a wedding without delicious food! In all honesty, guests come to weddings partially because they want to taste the food you have chosen for your wedding.  Of course, they also want to be a part of you and your other half’s tying of the knot.  But after the celebrations, they’ll be wondering what delicious cuisine will they get to try.


Cocktails and passed hors d’oeuvres have become quite popular these days.  It is the period in between the ceremony and reception.  It gives you time to take photos and it give the guests time to mingle while have a bite to eat.

Another trend that is catching on is hiring a food truck to come towards the end of the night when guests have been dancing and having a great time.  It’s a great way for guests to enjoy a late night snack before they leave for the night.  Guests will get to share a little bit of your favorite late night snack and they get to leave your party well fed.7835029438_86b08d2370_o


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