Beauty Series //1//: Not Your Mother’s Hair Products

Prepping for your wedding doesn’t just involve decorations and venue searching.  Wedding prep also includes ensuring that your body is also ready for your big day.  Trying out products months before your wedding day ensures that you will not have an allergic reaction to new products you are putting on your skin, hair, or body.  Whether it’s makeup, skin products, or even hair products, you want to make sure its right for you.  Otherwise, you could end up with green hair and an orange face if you don’t try out products weeks or even months prior to your wedding.

I decided that I’d add in some of my beauty faves and any new products that I’ve tried in the past to my blog.  I feel that this can help brides or anyone else interested in products that I have tried have a more in depth idea of whether the product is good or not.

I recently made a purchase on Ulta of Not Your Mother’s products.  This company sells a full line of hair products that are high end quality at affordable prices.  Their selling point is that they want you to create your own style as you please and not follow anyone else’s.  Hence the name, “Not Your Mother’s”.

I started using their products last year by purchasing their Sea Salt Spray and their Dry Shampoo.  I fell in love instantly with their products.  The Sea Salt spray gives me great texture for my straight, thin hair.  I love putting this on almost dry hair or on second day curls.  This is my go to product during the summer when I want that beachy waves look but not head to the beach.  For the bride who would love to have nice textured curls for their wedding, this would be a great product to use.

NYM Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray


I swear by their dry shampoo.  I won’t use any other dry shampoo products.   It doesn’t leave any white residue on my hair and it smells great.  What I like to do is apply this the night before my second day hair.  This gives my hair plenty of time to absorb the oils from my hair.  When I wake up, my hair feels refreshing and it’s ready to be styled.  Second day hair works best when styling hair.  The night before your wedding, you should apply this to your roots to allow the oils to soak up and you’ll have a beautiful clean and oil free hair style during your special day.  No need to worry that your hair will look greasy in your wedding day photos!

NYM Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo

I purchased some more of their products that I was interested in trying.  I definitely purchased three more containers of the Dry Shampoo (not shown) but I still had a lot of sea salt spray left and I don’t think I’ll be using it as much as I would during the Fall and Winter season.  So I thought I could hold off on that.  


I’m excited to try these new products from their line.  Some of these products are great to prep your hair for your wedding day or any special occasion.  Healthy looking hair will make you feel great and your pictures will look phenomenal.


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