Inspiration Day: Sparklers (How to properly use them)

Sparklers have become quite a popular trend in weddings.  I love how they look in photos.  They make for a beautiful exit or entrance.  Guests typically line up in two lines to create a tunnel for the bride and groom to pass through.  Sparklers can also be given out as party favors or used on cakes.  They can also be used to create a sparkling light show for your guests to enjoy.  There are so many different ideas you can do with sparklers.  I feel that the main concern with sparklers is how to use them properly and knowing what kind of sparklers to look for.  If you follow these easy steps, you can use sparklers for any part of your wedding and feel safe about it. 7006921526_3ba6fa316f_o

The best and safest kinds of sparklers The best kind of sparklers to get are the ones made from wire that is dipped multiple times in a thick mixture of pyrotechnic composition.  The composition should dry smoothly and there should be no  rust on the wire.  Rust makes it difficult to use and it could be dangerous.  The wire sparklers are also the safest to use.  There are also bamboo sparklers being manufactured.  These don’t burn for long and the charred pieces will break off and cause a mess to the ground.  If used indoors, bamboo sparklers are a definite no-no. Using wire sparklers are okay to do because they emit less smoke. Wire sparklers are the safest ad last longer.

How to light sparklers Matches are not the best to light up sparklers.  They are not get hot enough before the the flame gets to the bottom of the match and if they do light up, you risk burning yourself.  Cigarette lighters are also not recommended because they can burn your hands as well.  Barbecue lighters or propane torches are the best to light sparklers because the flame is away from the hand holding the lighter.  Another way of lighting a sparkler is lighting it with another sparkler.  Have a designated lighter on each row of lines.  Line everyone up with a sparkler in hand and light each sparkler as you go down the line.  This is probably the quickest way to do it and most efficient because the sparklers will light up almost instantly.  Do not light multiple sparklers at a time.  This is unsafe and can catch everyone by surprise.  Sparklers light up with an instant burst of sparks.  The best way to hold the sparkler is either horizontally or tilted down towards the ground while holding the tip of the metal wire.

Holding the sparklers Children must always be supervised by an adult.  You want to make sure they don’t do anything unsafe or foolish with the sparklers.  Also, keep sparklers away from anything that is flammable.  Hold the sparklers at arms length, away from the face and body. When disposing the sparklers, have a bucket filled with water or sand available.  Make sure no one touches the burnt part of the wire because it will still be hot.  Once the sparklers are cooled down, they can be disposed. Sparklers can be fun and make for beautiful photos.  Just follow these easy steps to stay safe and it will be a success!!   p


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