Using “#Hashtags” at Your Wedding


Instagram has become a big part of our lives.  We take photos of everything and anything and share it with friends and people of the Instagram community.  In today’s world, smart phones have become an essential part of our lives.  It goes everywhere with us and if we forget or lose it, we feel empty inside.  Like we’re missing a piece of ourselves.  So what does Instagram have anything to do with weddings? Because almost everyone at your wedding will have a smartphone and an Instagram account.  They will take tons and tons of photos with you and of your wedding and post it on their page.  So why not have them share it with you by using a unique #hashtag to document your big day? Of course you will have photographers and videographers there for your professional photos and some candid ones, but your friends and family will be taking the amateur photos that the professionals may have missed.  More than likely, you won’t have time to have your photographer take photos with every individual guest at your party.  If your friend or family member happens to be lucky and catch you at a good moment, they can snap a quick pick with you and post it on your unique #hashtag on Instagram.  It’s so simple! And it’s fun to see what other people have taken of you and your groom.

So how do you create a unique #hashtag? You want to make sure it’s not something generic where you will also see photos posted from strangers.  You want a #hashtag that will only have photos posted of your wedding.  When creating the #hasthag, you will also want to create one that is easy for your guests to remember.  Something like #CassieandJamesWedding112914, is pretty long and when your guests has had one too many to drink, that #hashtag will be long forgotten.  Try something like #CandJ112914 or #CJWedding1129 or #JassieWed.  It’s short and to the point and it’s unique.  Once you’ve created your hashtag, you and your guests will definitely not miss a thing at your wedding!


photocreds: Not on the High Street


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