Wedding Traditions Series: The Romance of Weddings


The meaning of the word “wedding,” was quite barbaric centuries ago.  The word comes from the Anglo Saxon word “wedd” which meant the purchase of a bride to breed offspring.  The price for a bride could range from land, social status, political alliances, or cash.  I am quite happy that the origin of the word has become lost in our  modern day traditions.  I don’t think I would want to be treated as an object!  Many popular traditions of weddings can be traced back to ancient Egyptian and European customs.  There are no exact origins of these traditions but they are remembered and passed through many generations even to this day.

Couples have been getting married for thousands of years.  Many of the traditions we have today used to be practiced as ancient rituals to bless the marriage with fortune and to guard against evil.  Weddings were deemed so important back then that they used to be held in graveyards.  It was believed that the ceremony could guard against even the deadliest diseases.

Not only was marriage seen as a way for a woman to be purchased to have children, but it was also a way to bring two families together and to bring peace.  This usually happened between kingdoms in order for war to not breakout.

Today, marriage has become a creative celebration where the couple celebrates their love for one another.  There are so many different wedding traditions passed down from generation to generation.  I am going to start a series about the different traditions around the world. I can’t wait to share with all my readers!!


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