Creating Memories with a Photo Booth


In the weddings that I have worked at, I’ve seen many different variations of photo booths.  I’ve seen the enclosed booths where you huddle as many people as possible in a little box to take your group photos.  I’ve seen open concept photo booths and I’ve even seen people just laying out props and Polaroid cameras for guests to snap their own photos.  Photographers sometimes even build their own photo booths and use their own professional cameras to take photos and provide a mini printer to print your pictures for you ( 1 for you and 1 for the bride and groom).  The options are endless when it comes to having your guests take fun pictures at your event and getting to take home something to remember that night from.

Photo booths are a great way for your guests to interact with each other.  People can be serious, happy or silly.  I love the silly ones.  It shows that the guests were having a wonderful time that day.  With technology growing so rapidly these days, people don’t print pictures as often anymore.  I think this is why the photo booth draws so many people’s attention.  People have something to hold and to look at.  It is a physical reminder of that day.  I love the idea of being able to take a photo home and putting it up on my cork board and just looking at it from time to time.  It reminds me of the good memories from that event.

What do you think of photo booths? Would you have one at your event?


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