Adult Only Reception – No Children Allowed?

Credits – The Wedding Printer

So you are thinking of limiting your guest count to adults only but you don’t know a good way of telling your guests without hurting their feelings?  Your wedding should go off without a hitch and with no interruptions.  Having an adults only reception allows your guests to enjoy the night without having to tend to their children.  This also allows for the underage kids to not “accidentally” obtain adult beverages on accident.  You also won’t have to worry about the little ones crying during the important moments of your wedding.  But how do you let them know that children aren’t allowed without getting their feelings hurt?  Personally, I feel that guests should see being invited to your wedding as a privilege.  You are extending an invitation to share your special day with them and they shouldn’t be upset you don’t want their children attending.  It is your preference to do this, not theirs.

I have compiled a couple of ways to tell your guests that children are not allowed at your reception.  Here are a few:

//1// Plain and simple – Note on the invitation “Adult Reception to Follow.”  It is straight forward and clear directions on your invitation of what is to be expected.

//2// Have fun with it – “Children will be given double espressos, a pound of chocolate, a paintball gun, and a puppy.”  I saw this online and thought it was a cute way to note to your guests to not bring their children.  If you are a couple who loves to joke around with your friends and family, then this would be a great way to tell your guest on your invitations.

//3// Address the invitees – “To Mr. and/or Miss/Mrs…”  Addressing the people invited also shows your guests who you are expecting to attend.  Not including “…and family,” will allow them to realize what your expectations are.

//4// Number of guests invited – “We have ______ seats reserved in your honor.”  This is also a straight forward way of telling your guests how many are expected to attend within their family.  You can also include “Adult Reception to Follow,” in the invitations as well.

Creating your guest list should be the least of your worries when planning your wedding.  It’s all about you and your other half joining together in uniting your love for one another.  You are inviting your friends and your family to share in this special moment with you and however you choose to create your guest list will not matter to them as much as you think.  You may be worried that people would think of this as rude to do so.  But if they really do get hurt for not being able to bring their children, then maybe they should rethink who’s day is being celebrated in the end.  It most definitely is not their day right?  Let me know what you think about this!


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