Should You Follow The Trend?

14473533783_8affbe1b42_oYou’re finally engaged!! It’s now time for the fun part.  Planning your big day!  Okay.  It may not be fun for all.  It might actually be stressful.  That’s why you have professionals like me to help you along the way.  So it’s now time to figure out the theme of your wedding.  You’re probably trying to figure out what the current trend is and how you can incorporate it into your theme.  But is today’s trend really something you want to incorporate into your wedding?  What if you aren’t a huge fan of the rustic theme or having metallic pieces decorate your tables?  Do you feel the pressure to have the best wedding ever and the only way you think you can do that is to follow the current trend of the year?  I say NO!! Don’t follow the trend.  Follow your heart and what you love.  In the long run, it will make you a lot happier when you see the outcome than to create a wedding theme to impress your guests.  I feel that no matter how you make your wedding look, your guests will be impressed no matter what.  After all, you are inviting your nearest and dearest friends and family and not wedding critics to your wedding.  So forget what those trendy magazines and websites have to say about what today’s trend is.  Just do you!! Do you and be happy!! That’s all that matters.





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