Choosing the Perfect Wedding Date


Choosing a wedding date is very crucial because you want to ensure that the date you want is available to the venue that you are choosing.  And also because it is another milestone in both your lives and the date should be a memorable one.  It should be made with a lot of thought and consideration.

You want to make sure that you pick a date that isn’t around the time of terrible weather season because it might impact the number of guests who will decide to attend the day of.  If you’re in California or anywhere where rain is scarce, then you’re lucky to not have to worry about the rainy weather so much.  But the heat may be a different story.  Your guests will most likely still be in attendance but you should reconsider the date in the summertime if you have plan to have an outdoor ceremony.  Your guests might not like it very much if they are stuck outside in the heat as they wait for you to walk down that aisle.  But if you do decide to go with a summer wedding, make sure that you accommodate your guests with cute fans or refreshments to drink prior to the start of the wedding.

Avoiding a date around the holidays or a birthday should also be considered.  You want your date to be special.  When I say birthday, I specifically mean you and your significant others’ birthdays.  Do you really want to celebrate a birthday and a wedding anniversary at the same time?  Others might beg to differ and think it has more meaning when you celebrate a birthday on the wedding day as well.  But that is a matter of preference.

So carefully consider your wedding date and make sure you avoid any milestone dates and special memories that you feel could take away the special significance of your anniversary!




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