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Emily is a wedding planner in California wanting to share her experiences, tips and tricks and her love for wedding and events. Ever since she was a little girl, watching Jennifer Lopez on the big screen in the Wedding Planner jumpstarted her aspiration to become just like her character.  Being able to help a future bride and groom make their wedding dreams come true is her main goal in life. The anticipation in seeing how everyone reacts to the outcome of the event brings great joy to her.  From hiring vendors to creating the itinerary, there’s nothing like seeing a grand event come to fruition.



Real Name: Jacquelyn Lee

Height: 5’3” maybe 5’4” depending on how I feel

Weight: undisclosed for top secret reasons

Bio: Resident of the Los Angeles area since the day she was born. Growing up in this melting-pot of a city made her extremely diverse and a wide-ranging creative mind. For many years she has coordinated family and friend’s events with ninja-like skills and just thought to share her wonderful powers to the people in need of coordination Therefore, Jackie has achieved a Wedding Consultant certification at Cal Poly Pomona, CA to expand her knowledge and skills. With this and her experience working in wedding these past couple of years, Jackie uses her creativity and intellect to make events around the Los Angeles area run smoothly and an organized place.

Cell: 626.466.5546
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