Capturing the Moment: Disposable Cameras

The bride and the groom always want their guests to feel as if they are part of the wedding.  They don’t want them to just sit there and feel bored.  Normally, they would have games, a dance floor, and even a reception for guests to mingle.  But one thing that I feel stand out the most, is having the guests take their own photos of the wedding and having the bride and groom develop them later to see the wedding from their guests’ point of views.

Although disposable cameras have been out of style for quite some time, these cameras have been increasingly popular for special events such as weddings.  Often times, when I go to a wedding, the bride and groom would put one or two disposable cameras on each table so that their guests can feel like they are actually a part of the wedding.  It’s a fun way to get the guests involved without completely embarrassing themselves or causing too much commotion.  When the bride and groom develop their pictures, they can enjoy the photos and reminisce about their special day.

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Perfect Waves

There are two methods that I use to get the perfect waves.
First way: On nights when I wash my hair, I’ll either let my hair air dry or blow dry it until its barely damp. That way my curls are more prominent. The next day, I will let it loose and spray it with my favorite Not Your Mother’s: Hair Texturizing Seasalt Spray and just scrunch it up until I get the consistency that I like.

Second way: The second method would be using this Remington Elliptical Curling Wand to make beautiful waves.  Sometimes when I shower in the morning or I want to have waves during my second day hair from not washing, I will use this curling wand to achieve these beautiful waves.  I feel that my waves look a lot nicer during second day hair.  I love that the wand is made from pearls.  It makes my hair look and feel shiny.  I feel that it is not as damaging compared to other wands I’ve used before.   I purchased mine at Target, but you can purchase this almost any department store or online. I’ve been using this wand at last one or two times a week to achieve this look.  It’s just so simple to do and can be dressed up or down.  How do you guys style your hairs and what hot tools do you guys like to use?