Trending Thursday: Long Sleeve Lace Wedding Dress

Vintage is definitely here to stay.  We oftentimes think that a long sleeved dress would be too conservative for a bride.  That it hides her confidence and doesn’t make her stand out as much as if she were to bare her shoulders.  But the trend has caught on and the lacy long sleeves are in! You can definitely make a statement with a long sleeved dress. I feel that the long sleeve lace would bring more of a romantic look to the bride.  My mother wore a lace sleeve dress and she looked stunning and elegant in it.  Of course, that was 20 some odd years ago and now this dress style is definitely coming back to stay.  A bride does not need to bare all to stand out.  The confidence she exudes in whatever she wears will shine through.  So don’t be afraid to wear that long sleeve lacy dress you’ve been eyeing at the boutique.  If that gown is what you want to wear, wear it with pride and strike a pose!

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Friday Favorites: Fall Series //3//: Big Bloomed Flowers





Beautiful greenery and florals can help to enhance your venue.  They can also turn a mediocre place into an recognizably magnificent place.  I love flowers and how they just brighten up a room with their presence.  My most recent obsession is big bloomed flowers.  Instead of bouquets and centerpieces that are put together with just small flowers, try arranging big bloomed florals with smaller accent flowers to put everything together.  You don’t even need to pick one kind of big bloomed flower.  Pick a couple that go with your wedding colors.  Dahlias, Zinnias, and Marigolds are in season during the Fall and they’ll look great together.  You know what they say, “Go big or go home.”

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Beauty Series //1//: Not Your Mother’s Hair Products

Prepping for your wedding doesn’t just involve decorations and venue searching.  Wedding prep also includes ensuring that your body is also ready for your big day.  Trying out products months before your wedding day ensures that you will not have an allergic reaction to new products you are putting on your skin, hair, or body.  Whether it’s makeup, skin products, or even hair products, you want to make sure its right for you.  Otherwise, you could end up with green hair and an orange face if you don’t try out products weeks or even months prior to your wedding.

I decided that I’d add in some of my beauty faves and any new products that I’ve tried in the past to my blog.  I feel that this can help brides or anyone else interested in products that I have tried have a more in depth idea of whether the product is good or not.

I recently made a purchase on Ulta of Not Your Mother’s products.  This company sells a full line of hair products that are high end quality at affordable prices.  Their selling point is that they want you to create your own style as you please and not follow anyone else’s.  Hence the name, “Not Your Mother’s”.

I started using their products last year by purchasing their Sea Salt Spray and their Dry Shampoo.  I fell in love instantly with their products.  The Sea Salt spray gives me great texture for my straight, thin hair.  I love putting this on almost dry hair or on second day curls.  This is my go to product during the summer when I want that beachy waves look but not head to the beach.  For the bride who would love to have nice textured curls for their wedding, this would be a great product to use.

NYM Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray


I swear by their dry shampoo.  I won’t use any other dry shampoo products.   It doesn’t leave any white residue on my hair and it smells great.  What I like to do is apply this the night before my second day hair.  This gives my hair plenty of time to absorb the oils from my hair.  When I wake up, my hair feels refreshing and it’s ready to be styled.  Second day hair works best when styling hair.  The night before your wedding, you should apply this to your roots to allow the oils to soak up and you’ll have a beautiful clean and oil free hair style during your special day.  No need to worry that your hair will look greasy in your wedding day photos!

NYM Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo

I purchased some more of their products that I was interested in trying.  I definitely purchased three more containers of the Dry Shampoo (not shown) but I still had a lot of sea salt spray left and I don’t think I’ll be using it as much as I would during the Fall and Winter season.  So I thought I could hold off on that.  


I’m excited to try these new products from their line.  Some of these products are great to prep your hair for your wedding day or any special occasion.  Healthy looking hair will make you feel great and your pictures will look phenomenal.


Pre-Wedding Skin Prep Routine

skincare-2 from Flickr via Wylio
© 2008 LEE’S Image, Flickr | CC-BY-ND | via Wylio

Although it may be the last thing on your mind or you’ve been doing this for years prior to getting engaged, taking care of your skin is very important.  You want to make sure that your skin looks its best once that big day hits.  No bride wants to walk down the aisle with a dull looking face! In order to have healthy, glowing skin on your special day, you need to take care of it at least 12 months in advance. Not only will this help you create a routine for the future, it will also give you plenty of time to figure out what products work best for your skin. Here are some tips and tricks to a healthy and glowing skin on your big day.

Drink Water…Lots Of Water
Lack of water can lead to fine lines and wrinkles being more prominent.  Drinking at least 2 glasses of water a day can help your complexion look more radiant by just adding this one step to your daily routine.  Try drinking a glass before bed as well.  This will allow your face to become plump the next day, decreasing the wrinkles on your face.

Cleanse Your Face Daily
It is imperative, regardless if you wear no makeup at all, that you wash your face every night before bed with a good cleanser.  The cleanser should be one that is perfect for your skin type.  Cleansing your face helps to eliminate excess dirt and makeup left on your face and from being out and about during the day.  A good tip to follow is to rinse your face with warm water prior to using a cleanser.  That way, your pores will open bigger to easily take the dirt out from under your skin.  When you are ready to rinse, use cold water to close up your pores and prevent most of the dirt out.

Take Off Your Makeup
No matter how lazy you are feeling, you must remember to remove your makeup at the end of the day.  Sleeping with makeup on clogs up your pores and can cause breakouts on your skin.  This is definitely something you don’t want to happen weeks prior to your wedding.  If you are really feeling lazy, use a makeup remover wipe to remove and cleanse your face.  Just make sure you take every bit of make up off your face before heading to bed.

There is no such thing as over moisturizing.  Koreans believe in adding on layer after layer of face creams, toners, and serums.  And I don’t disagree with them.  The myth with moisturizing is that if you put too much on your face, you will get really oily the next day.  The truth of the matter is, if you don’t moisturize at all, your skin will react to it feeling dehydrated and it will begin to produce more oils to keep your skin from drying out.  That is definitely not the kind of glow you want.  Moisturizing helps to eliminate the oiliness and add a glowing complexion.  Don’t be afraid to add a heavy moisturizer to your nightly routine.  You’ll be grateful you did.

Facial masks are an important part of your facial routine.  You don’t have to do it everyday, but once or twice a week will help to deep clean your skin.  Masks help draw out the impurities from deep down under your skin.  It also helps take off dead skin cells and lets your new and healthy skin come through.  Masks help make your skin look younger and more radiant.  So don’t skip this part of your routine! There are many brands out there that sell masks, but you can also easily make one right at home with the products you have in your kitchen.

Get Well Rested
On average, a person should be getting between 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day.  Sleep is very important because it is at this time that our body is recovering and regenerating from the on-goings of the day.  Lack of sleep definitely shows on your skin.  Dark circles and blemishes are just to name a few.  Lack of sleep also affects your health all together.  So get the right amount of shut eye before your wedding. Leave all the last minute details and preparation for your brides maids and wedding planner! =)

This last step is very vital to your skincare routine.  Many people skip this step and this is a BIG NO NO!  Sunscreen protects your skin from harmful effects of the sun.  Lack of sunscreen creates a higher risk of skin cancer.  It also ages you quicker by damaging your skin’s collagen.  Not only should you apply this on your face, but you should also apply this to any part of your body where skin is being exposed.  Rain or shine, apply sunscreen!

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Love Me Some Lush

Last year, I started to explore LUSH more than just their bath bombs and bubble bars.  I remember my first time walking into the store and feeling just overwhelmed.  The store is literally filled with body and face care products and everything smells just lovely.  All LUSH products are made from natural ingredients which was what drew me in.  I could go on and on about all the products I’ve purchased, but that will be for another day.  Maybe I’ll have a section dedicated to my lovely LUSH products because that’s pretty much how many products I own from them.  I am a LUSH feind!!  

So anyways, I like to dedicate a day in the week just to pamper myself and relax.  I love putting on a mask and just letting it do it’s thing.  My favorite mask at the moment is their Mask of Magnaminty.  I love applying this to  my face, but I especially love putting this on my upper back.  A person like me, who sits at a desk all day answering phone calls and typing all day, needs to have a product like this to help take the stress out of my back.  The sales person that showed me this item sold me when she told me that this would be great for back sores.  I have to say that it definitely works.  I love the pepperminty feel and I love how it deep cleans into my pores.  It’s the perfect pampering product!! 
Along with the mask, I decided to take a nice hot bath while curling up in a good book (currently re-reading Twilight,  Team Edward!! ^.^). You can never go wrong with their bathbombs and bubble bars.  They smell so good and they add that extra moisture to your skin.  I love how I smell every time I get out of the bath.  I just want to stay in there forever!! I feel that every girl should have a day of relaxation.  Doing this at home save time and money.  I look forward to my Sunday night Me Time because of this.  
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Best Undereye Concealer Ever!! Bobby Brown

I’m not a concealer type of person.  My face usually just needs some foundation and I’m good to go.  But because I tend to sleep late at night, I often wake up with those dark circles under my eyes.  I’ve been searching for the perfect undereye concealer and I think I’ve found it.

I have been using this product for almost a year now and let me tell you it’s one of those holy grail products of mine. The Bobby Brown undereye concealer in Light Peach helps to cancel out any darkness I have under my eye making me look more wide awake. Even though sometimes, I’m probably still asleep on the inside. It’s so easy to apply with fingers and it stays on all day. I definitely cannot leave the house without applying this onto the dark circles of my eyes. It’s like a necessity now. For those late nights doing who knows what, this product has definitely saved my butt plenty of times. What’s your holy grail product?

CVS DrugStore Haul!!!

I recently took a trip to one of my favorite drug stores for some essentials and I just wanted to share with you what I purchased.  I mainly went to CVS to purchase one of my all time favorite eyeliners and to look for a face wash for my acned skin.  But i ended up purchasing some other things along the way.  I just couldn’t help myself!!

The minute I stepped foot into the store, I immediately went to the Physician’s Formula section.  I wanted to make a repurchase of one of my favorite eyeliners.  I love their Shimmer Strips eyeliner because it stays on my eyes all day and it rarely budges.  I don’t ever feel like I am in need of reapplication halfway through the day.  It comes in a pack of three. And this comes with black, copper, and bronze.  I haven’t tried the Warm Nude Eyes before , but I have tried the original Shimmer Strips for brown eyes and I love the formula of it.  So I can’t wait to try it.  I also picked up the Shimmer Strips  Custom Eye Enhancing Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Trio for Dramatic Brown Eyes.  I’m really excited to try this.  I actually picked this up because of the purple liner.  Purple looks great on brown eyes so I hope this color lasts all day on my eyes.  I feel a little added color would be great for the Summer.

Lately, I’ve been breaking out because of the warm weather we’re having here in California and I’m starting to breakout which is definitely not pretty.  I picked up the Oil-Free Acne Wash: Pink Grapefruit Cream Cleanser.  I have tried this line from Neutrogena before and I loved it.  The main ingredient is salicylic acid and it helps to rid acne as well as unclog pores. I also love the grapefruit smell of this face wash.

CVS was having a buy 1 get 1 50% off for the Oil-Free Acne Wash so i decided to try their cleansing wipes.  I normally wouldn’t purchase these cleansing wipes because I’d rather just buy baby wipes to remove my makeup.  I would end up washing my face anyways right after so purchasing cleansing wipes are pointless to me.  Also, I use Bioderma to remove my makeup.  But because it was half off, I decided to see what the hype for these cleansing wipes are all about.

I saw this Neutrogena Naturals Acne Spot Treatment and decided to give it a try.  The word naturals caught my eye.  The main ingredients are salicylic acid and wintergreen leaf.  I’ve tried spot treatments with tea tree oil and they’ve worked great but I have never tried anything with wintergreen in it so let’s see how it works on my skin.

These Nivea lip butters are all over YouTube. So of course when I saw them, I had to pick them up to try.  Hopefully these lip butters match up to the great reviews they’ve been getting.

My cousin told me that she was loving the Maybelline Volume Express Mascara: the Colossal Cat Eyes, so of course I couldn’t help myself when I saw it at the store.  Maybelline was also having a buy 1 get 1 50% off for all their brands as well.  So I also picked up the Unstoppable Eyeliner.  I know I did say  my all time favorite eyeliner was by Physician’s Formula, but I always like to try new eyeliners to see if anything else can match up at the drugstore.

As I was walking towards the check out station, I saw the Sally Hansen counter and just wanted to take a “gander.” But of course the fact that they are textured pretty much caught my attention.  I picked up the Fuzzy Coat line in Fuzz-Sea and the Sugar Coat line in Razzle-berry.  I can’t wait to try them!! Hopefully the texture is just how I’m imagining it.

So that’s all for my haul.  I hope you enjoyed reading what I purchased.  I’ll probably do some reviews on the items I purchased so hopefully you’ll see those posts up soon!!

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Essentials For a Quick Makeup Look

Ever wake up and feel like you never have time to apply any makeup? Whether it’s staying up to study for finals, had a late night at the office, or just plain lazy; you can always find some essentials to put on a quick look that looks great.

I like to apply a BB Cream when I am in a hurry because all I need to apply it with are my fingers.  You can use a brush but that just loses you time when you’re in a hurry.  Then, I’ll set it with a powder to help control shine throughout the day.  You can skip this part if you want, but the next thing to apply is under eye concealer.  On those late nights when I’m awake and doing who knows what, I tend to wake up with dark under eye circles and a salmon colored concealer helps to cancel out any darkness I have.  Next, apply an iridescent cream colored eye shadow.  This helps to brighten up your eyes and you really just need that one color to bring out those beautiful eyes.  If I have time, I’ll quickly define the outer corners of my eyes with a copper colored eyeshadow.   Eyeliner to me, is very important.  It helps to define your eyes and to make them look more awake.  A brown eyeliner will help give your eyes that awake look without being too dramatic like a black liner would do.  A bright colored blush (not pictured) will make you look healthy and glowy and you dont really need to apply the bronzer.  Blush helps to bring color to your face and gives you that healthy looking glow.  I’d go with a rosy pink or a coral blush for this look.  You can’t forget to apply mascara.  Just curling those lashes help to open up your eyes and you won’t have that sleepy look when you’re headed out the door.  The last thing to apply to your already beautiful face is some lip color.  Because I feel that the whole face looks more neutral and light, I’d go with a bright lip color to put it all together.  I feel that a bright lip with a subtle look helps to make you look that much more fabulous.  Now you’re ready to head out that door and face the world.

If you absolutely have no time, I’d just go straight to the eyeliner, mascara and a bright lip color.  Just using those three things can make you look awake and ready to go in no time!!

What are your makeup essentials when you’re in a hurry?

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First Impressions: Bubble and Bee Cream Deodorant

After doing some hard and long researching, I realized the aluminum in my deodorant that’s supposed to help me not sweat is actually really not good for my body internally.  I’ve done extensive research on natural products to try.  I wanted a product that will make me not smelly because I sweat quite a bit  under my arms. I also didn’t want something too pricey and I wanted something that actually smelled nice.  I finally stumbled on a product that I think may actually work!!

I found a site called Bubble and Bee and they had a bunch of different USDA approved products for deodorants.  They also have face wash, shower gels, and lip balms.  I thought it was pretty cool that most of their ingredients are organic.  And you can actually read the ingredients and know what they are.  You know how the saying goes, if it’s a word that you can barely read, then it’s probably bad for you.  So I decided to try out their cream deodorant because it goes on clear and it’s supposed to make me smelly-free for at least 12 hours.  Keep in mind that you will not stop sweating because sweating is actually a good thing.  It helps you get rid of those nasty toxins in your body.  Bubble and Bee has a sample pack of six where you can try different scents to see which one you will like best.  Each little container lasts about 2 weeks.  So for $19.99 for a three month supply of samples, that not too bad in my opinion.
Right off the bat, I already love the smell of it. I bought the samples sizes on their website and I decided to try out the Orange Vanilla first. It reminds me of the drink orange bang.  As I applied it to my underarms, it felt smooth and it went on clear, which was a big plus for me. I don’t wanna be wearing sleeveless tops and having white residue under my arms. Gross.  After a long day at work, date night with the boyfriend, and grabbing a couple of drinks with some friends, I can honestly say that this stuff really works!! I mean I smelled a little when I got home. But what deodorant keeps you smelly free 12+ hours later? I’m pretty satisfied with this product and I can’t wait to try the other fragrances and maybe even look for other products on their site to try.  Maybe I’ll try going the organic route and purchase products that are safe for my body.  Who knows? A new goal in life maybe?

Work OOTD ( with a Touch of Turquoise)

Today I thought I’d share with you guys a bit of what I would typically wear to work.  My kind of fashion is pretty girly and I always have to have some sort of pop of color incorporated into my outfit or makeup look.  And today I have incorporated turquoise both into my makeup and my outfit.

I love the fact that I can wear pretty much anything I want to work.  I can dress in my own style and still keep it pretty presentable.  Here I am wearing this stripped top that I found at Ross. (I absolutely love discount/thrift stores)  I paired it with a body-con skirt I purchased at Forever 21.  I love wearing these skirts and wearing stockings underneath.  I don’t always like to show a lot of skin, especially at work.  So I love wearing stocking underneath my skirts.  The leather boots that I am wearing are so comfy.  I’ve had them for quite some time already and they’re still standing strong.  I think its been with me for about two years.  And for about $45 bucks a pair, you can’t say that they weren’t a steal.  To finish off my outfit, I put on this denim jacket that I found at a boutique store.  It so lightweight and I just love the floral cuffs.  It definitely gives it a more feminine look.

For my makeup, I like to add that pop of color but not too intense.  Especially when I’m going to work, I like to keep it more subtle.  I think this outfit is definitely Spring appropriate.  Now I can’t wait for the weekend to come already so I can be in more comfortable clothes!!

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