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Save the Dates: Not Your Life Story


The most effective save-the-dates are those that are brief and to the point.  You don’t want to include too much information because that’s what the invitations are for. Save-the-dates are mainly just to let your guests know to hold your wedding date and to expect an invitation in the coming months ahead leading to your wedding.  All you really need to include in your save-the-date are your names, the wedding date, and the general location of the wedding (like the city and state).  You also want to include, “Invitation to Follow” so guests know to expect it and not wonder where the rest of the information for your wedding is.


Your want your save-the-date to be eye catching.  Adding to many words to it would cause too much clutter and the letters would be too small to read.  Don’t forget to include a photo of the two of you in your lovely message!

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Trimming Down The Guest-List


As much as you want to invite every single person that has touched your life, you just can’t. One of the hardest parts about planning your wedding  is figuring out who you feel should be invited to share in your special day.  And we all know, the bigger the guest-list, the bigger the budget your wedding will have to be.  So the best thing to do is to start writing down a list of people you actually want to invite to your wedding early on in your planning phase.

One thing you can do is once you list out all the guest you’d like to invite, you can make a note next to each name explaining how they have touched your lives and why they should be invited.  People you aren’t close to or relatives you haven’t seen in ages can definitely be eliminated from the list.  Co-workers you are not close to can also be eliminated.  Just because you are close to some co-workers doesn’t mean you have to invite all of them just so the few can attend.  I’m sure the ones who aren’t close to you will understand why they weren’t invited in the first place.  Don’t feel bad for taking them off the list just because you’ll have to see them almost everyday after.

Keeping within the budget can get tough as the planning process progresses.  Ensuring that you invite only people who matter to you the most will definitely help to eliminate the stress of your budget going up.  It’s the easiest way to keep your budget in check and be able to spend your money on other parts of your wedding that matter to you more.

So don’t feel bad for that family member who was twice removed whom you won’t be inviting.  Or that casual friend who you see on occasion at other weddings or special events.  Your main focus is to ensure that you are happy with the whole outcome of your wedding.  Also, don’t feel like you need to please your parents and invite the whole enchilada of a family you have and have never met in your life.  Sometimes they just want to share in their child’s big day, but if they aren’t going to help with the budget, then don’t feel obligated to invite your mom’s best friends aunt to your wedding.

Happy planning!


Wedding Roles: Maid of Honor and Best Man


Asking your loved ones and closest friends to be a part of your wedding is not just about standing there and looking pretty. There are important things they need to know and understand before you ask them to be your second hand woman/man.  It is and honor to be a part of the wedding, but it is also and important job to uphold and you want to make sure whoever you choose as basically the assistant captain of your team, they are able to fulfill their duties.

Maid of Honor (MOH):

The job of the MOH is to direct the bridesmaids in their roles.  They are also the ones that should be helping you schedule dress fitting dates, plan your shower and bachelorette party.  If you’ve got DIY projects to be done, they along with the bridesmaids should help you finish these projects.  When choosing the MOH, you want to feel like you can trust them and be able to count on them when you need it the most.  No two MOH positions are the same so be sure to sit down with her and discuss what it is you need help with.  But if all you want is for her to stand there and look pretty because you and/or your wedding planning has everything covered, then by all means, she has the easiest job ever! So be sure that when you pick your MOH, they meet the requirements on your list.

Best Man (BM):

It may seem like the guys don’t have much to do, but in reality, they also have an important job to hold.  They need to make sure that the groom gets to each location on time.  They need to make sure he has everything he needs before he steps out the door. They will be the one organizing the bachelor party, helping the groom pick up his tux as well as the tux for him and the groomsmen.  He is the man in charge of holding the wedding rings up until you both exchange your vows.  If there is no planner in charge, he should help the MOH handle the any last payments for the vendors.  He should also make sure when guests arrive, they are seated where they should be.  If you decide not to rent a limo or car, the BM is your chauffeur for the day.  He is the one that should drive you to wherever you need to go.

The roles for the Maid of Honor and Best Man can definitely intermingle on the day of the wedding.  The best thing to do is to just sit down with them one day and discuss what their roles are when the day comes and how to properly handle each situation.

Your day should be as stress free as possible.  With the help of the MOH and BM, you should have nothing to worry about!  Enjoy your wedding day and have happy memories!



Adult Only Reception – No Children Allowed?

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So you are thinking of limiting your guest count to adults only but you don’t know a good way of telling your guests without hurting their feelings?  Your wedding should go off without a hitch and with no interruptions.  Having an adults only reception allows your guests to enjoy the night without having to tend to their children.  This also allows for the underage kids to not “accidentally” obtain adult beverages on accident.  You also won’t have to worry about the little ones crying during the important moments of your wedding.  But how do you let them know that children aren’t allowed without getting their feelings hurt?  Personally, I feel that guests should see being invited to your wedding as a privilege.  You are extending an invitation to share your special day with them and they shouldn’t be upset you don’t want their children attending.  It is your preference to do this, not theirs.

I have compiled a couple of ways to tell your guests that children are not allowed at your reception.  Here are a few:

//1// Plain and simple – Note on the invitation “Adult Reception to Follow.”  It is straight forward and clear directions on your invitation of what is to be expected.

//2// Have fun with it – “Children will be given double espressos, a pound of chocolate, a paintball gun, and a puppy.”  I saw this online and thought it was a cute way to note to your guests to not bring their children.  If you are a couple who loves to joke around with your friends and family, then this would be a great way to tell your guest on your invitations.

//3// Address the invitees – “To Mr. and/or Miss/Mrs…”  Addressing the people invited also shows your guests who you are expecting to attend.  Not including “…and family,” will allow them to realize what your expectations are.

//4// Number of guests invited – “We have ______ seats reserved in your honor.”  This is also a straight forward way of telling your guests how many are expected to attend within their family.  You can also include “Adult Reception to Follow,” in the invitations as well.

Creating your guest list should be the least of your worries when planning your wedding.  It’s all about you and your other half joining together in uniting your love for one another.  You are inviting your friends and your family to share in this special moment with you and however you choose to create your guest list will not matter to them as much as you think.  You may be worried that people would think of this as rude to do so.  But if they really do get hurt for not being able to bring their children, then maybe they should rethink who’s day is being celebrated in the end.  It most definitely is not their day right?  Let me know what you think about this!


Preparing for Wedding Vendor Meetings

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It is important to prepare for a meeting with vendors.  Meeting with vendors can be nerve-racking.  What if they charge you more than what they are worth? What if they seem good from your first impression but they turn out to be your worst nightmare?! With these simple steps, you’ll be ready for you meeting in no time.

1// Research

Go online and read their reviews; if they have any.  Check out their website and blog.  Most vendors have websites so they can show potential clients their work or what they have to offer.  Ask people within your circle if they have ever worked with these vendors before.  It’s always good to have knowledge of potential vendors so you don’t meet them blind.

2// Prepare Questions to ask your potential vendors

There are various amounts of questions you can ask depending on what vendor you are meeting for.

Some common questions are:

“Do you offer packages?”

  • Vendors can charge you in a couple of different ways.  Packages are the best choice because they offer a wide range of services for a consolidated price.  If you end up hiring a vendor hourly or per service, you risk a very high bill in the end.  Packages can give you piece of mind that you won’t be overcharged by your vendor.

“How long have you been in business for?”

  • This question can be iffy because vendors who have only been in business for a short period of time can be great and vendors who have years of experience may not be as good.  This question should be asked with an open mind.

“Do you have a portfolio?”

  • Portfolios are good to have visually because this is how you know if the vendor has the same taste as you.

3// Know Your Budget

It is good to know your budget when heading into a meeting.  That way you don’t end up spending past your budget. Prioritize your vendors and think about which vendors are the most important to the least important.  This way you get rid of services on things that you know you can live without or just cut back on it.

4// Know Your Style

Research and figure out the theme and style of your wedding.  Going blinded makes it hard for a vendor to figure out what it is you want from them and you may end up hiring a vendor who can’t produce the image you will have for your wedding. Knowing this makes it easier for you to tell vendors exactly what you want and you will get exactly that when you go in prepared.  This also helps to eliminate the vendors that don’t fit with your style.

5// Shop Around

Don’t just visit one vendor for each service.  Visit multiple vendors so you can find the best fit vendor for your wedding.  Don’t be afraid to turn down vendors.  If you don’t like them, don’t hire them.  It will be the last time you’ll ever see them anyways!

Happy Planning!


Inspiration Day: Sparklers (How to properly use them)

Sparklers have become quite a popular trend in weddings.  I love how they look in photos.  They make for a beautiful exit or entrance.  Guests typically line up in two lines to create a tunnel for the bride and groom to pass through.  Sparklers can also be given out as party favors or used on cakes.  They can also be used to create a sparkling light show for your guests to enjoy.  There are so many different ideas you can do with sparklers.  I feel that the main concern with sparklers is how to use them properly and knowing what kind of sparklers to look for.  If you follow these easy steps, you can use sparklers for any part of your wedding and feel safe about it. 7006921526_3ba6fa316f_o

The best and safest kinds of sparklers The best kind of sparklers to get are the ones made from wire that is dipped multiple times in a thick mixture of pyrotechnic composition.  The composition should dry smoothly and there should be no  rust on the wire.  Rust makes it difficult to use and it could be dangerous.  The wire sparklers are also the safest to use.  There are also bamboo sparklers being manufactured.  These don’t burn for long and the charred pieces will break off and cause a mess to the ground.  If used indoors, bamboo sparklers are a definite no-no. Using wire sparklers are okay to do because they emit less smoke. Wire sparklers are the safest ad last longer.

How to light sparklers Matches are not the best to light up sparklers.  They are not get hot enough before the the flame gets to the bottom of the match and if they do light up, you risk burning yourself.  Cigarette lighters are also not recommended because they can burn your hands as well.  Barbecue lighters or propane torches are the best to light sparklers because the flame is away from the hand holding the lighter.  Another way of lighting a sparkler is lighting it with another sparkler.  Have a designated lighter on each row of lines.  Line everyone up with a sparkler in hand and light each sparkler as you go down the line.  This is probably the quickest way to do it and most efficient because the sparklers will light up almost instantly.  Do not light multiple sparklers at a time.  This is unsafe and can catch everyone by surprise.  Sparklers light up with an instant burst of sparks.  The best way to hold the sparkler is either horizontally or tilted down towards the ground while holding the tip of the metal wire.

Holding the sparklers Children must always be supervised by an adult.  You want to make sure they don’t do anything unsafe or foolish with the sparklers.  Also, keep sparklers away from anything that is flammable.  Hold the sparklers at arms length, away from the face and body. When disposing the sparklers, have a bucket filled with water or sand available.  Make sure no one touches the burnt part of the wire because it will still be hot.  Once the sparklers are cooled down, they can be disposed. Sparklers can be fun and make for beautiful photos.  Just follow these easy steps to stay safe and it will be a success!!   p