Random Favorites

Serendipitous Weekly

i wanted to start a series where my readers can get to know me a bit better.  I love writing about weddings, but there is another side of me that enjoys other things in life.  Every Sundays, I will be sharing with you my favorites moments of the week (Sunday to Saturday).

This week has been quite a productive week for me.  I always try to have a day to myself and away from the real world.  Netflix is my best friend when it comes to days like those.  But I am always itching to do something.  I don’t like feeling like I’m being lazy and not getting anything done.

//1// Disneyland.  The perks of living in Los Angeles is being able to go to Disneyland whenever I want.  I went last Sunday with two of my best friends and we were so lucky to have met Ariel! She was the sweetest ever.  We had a nice conversation about using our land legs today to explore Disneyland.


//2// Erin Condren Life Planner.  Back in November, I purchased a daily planner that totally changed my way of using one.  I came across a Facebook group dedicated to all things Erin Condren.  It is called We Love EC.  It’s a community of people who share ideas and ask questions.  People actually decorate their weekly and monthly views.  It is such an amazing and creative outlet.  Here is a weekly view that I’ve recently done.  If you’re interested in purchasing your own planner, click here.


//3// Milk.  Ice cream will always be a favorite.  Milk first opened in Beverly Hills and they just recently opened their doors at a new location in Silverlake.  It’s right by my boyfriend’s house.  And since he’s never been (we’re not one to wait in a crowd), we decided to go and give it a try.  Since it’s new, people are not aware of the new location just yet.  So far, everything we’ve tried has been delicious.  I even took a carton of their cookies and cream home!


//4// Starbucks Red Eye.  Tall Pike with an extra shot of espresso.  That’s what the Red Eye is.  It’s my go to drink at 6 in the morning before I get started on my day.  I don’t think I can go a weekday without my cup of joe.  The barista even knows me and what I want every morning!!

//5// Disney Sticky Notes.  Ahhh!! Stationary is my weakness.  I have anything ranging from notebooks to notepads to colored pens and sticky notes.  When I was at Disneyland last Sunday, we stopped by the Disney Store at Downtown Disney and the first thing I saw when I walked in were these cute Disney sticky notes.  They’re so cute!! I wanted to buy two of everything.  But I had to resist.  I have way too many at home already.  No need to stock up when Disneyland is at my convenience anyways.  Do you guys love stationary as much as I do?!

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