Keeping A Journal While You Plan Your Wedding


Many brides today keep little memories in a binder or notebook when planning their wedding.  But what you don’t often see them doing is writing little memories throughout the planning process.  From the moment you say “I do” to the day you walk down that aisle, you should take notes of everything thing that you’re feeling and the ideas that keep looming in your head as you plan your special day.  Maybe one day, your future daughter can have the honor of being able to read your journal and see how it was like for you to plan your wedding when it comes time to plan theirs.


The journey to the alter has many trials and frustrations, laughter and exhilaration, and lots of important decisions that need to be made down the road.  When you keep a planner for your wedding, you jot down notes for everything you needed to do and the choices you made from invitations to linens and colors.  But writing down your feelings will make it so much more meaningful.  It’ll definitely be a treasure to keep for years to come and for generations to read years from now.


Write a letter to that future daughter or daughters of yours as you are planning your wedding and tell them how you will contribute to theirs and what your hopes will be when it comes time for them to plan their own wedding.  Their is no right or wrong in keeping a wedding journal.  It is whatever you want to write and decorate to your heart’s desire.  Memories and keepsakes mean more to anyone than any expensive gift in the world.  It’s a beautiful gift to yourself and to your future daughters to come!


Wedding Roles: Maid of Honor and Best Man


Asking your loved ones and closest friends to be a part of your wedding is not just about standing there and looking pretty. There are important things they need to know and understand before you ask them to be your second hand woman/man.  It is and honor to be a part of the wedding, but it is also and important job to uphold and you want to make sure whoever you choose as basically the assistant captain of your team, they are able to fulfill their duties.

Maid of Honor (MOH):

The job of the MOH is to direct the bridesmaids in their roles.  They are also the ones that should be helping you schedule dress fitting dates, plan your shower and bachelorette party.  If you’ve got DIY projects to be done, they along with the bridesmaids should help you finish these projects.  When choosing the MOH, you want to feel like you can trust them and be able to count on them when you need it the most.  No two MOH positions are the same so be sure to sit down with her and discuss what it is you need help with.  But if all you want is for her to stand there and look pretty because you and/or your wedding planning has everything covered, then by all means, she has the easiest job ever! So be sure that when you pick your MOH, they meet the requirements on your list.

Best Man (BM):

It may seem like the guys don’t have much to do, but in reality, they also have an important job to hold.  They need to make sure that the groom gets to each location on time.  They need to make sure he has everything he needs before he steps out the door. They will be the one organizing the bachelor party, helping the groom pick up his tux as well as the tux for him and the groomsmen.  He is the man in charge of holding the wedding rings up until you both exchange your vows.  If there is no planner in charge, he should help the MOH handle the any last payments for the vendors.  He should also make sure when guests arrive, they are seated where they should be.  If you decide not to rent a limo or car, the BM is your chauffeur for the day.  He is the one that should drive you to wherever you need to go.

The roles for the Maid of Honor and Best Man can definitely intermingle on the day of the wedding.  The best thing to do is to just sit down with them one day and discuss what their roles are when the day comes and how to properly handle each situation.

Your day should be as stress free as possible.  With the help of the MOH and BM, you should have nothing to worry about!  Enjoy your wedding day and have happy memories!



Wedding Traditions Series: The Romance of Weddings


The meaning of the word “wedding,” was quite barbaric centuries ago.  The word comes from the Anglo Saxon word “wedd” which meant the purchase of a bride to breed offspring.  The price for a bride could range from land, social status, political alliances, or cash.  I am quite happy that the origin of the word has become lost in our  modern day traditions.  I don’t think I would want to be treated as an object!  Many popular traditions of weddings can be traced back to ancient Egyptian and European customs.  There are no exact origins of these traditions but they are remembered and passed through many generations even to this day.

Couples have been getting married for thousands of years.  Many of the traditions we have today used to be practiced as ancient rituals to bless the marriage with fortune and to guard against evil.  Weddings were deemed so important back then that they used to be held in graveyards.  It was believed that the ceremony could guard against even the deadliest diseases.

Not only was marriage seen as a way for a woman to be purchased to have children, but it was also a way to bring two families together and to bring peace.  This usually happened between kingdoms in order for war to not breakout.

Today, marriage has become a creative celebration where the couple celebrates their love for one another.  There are so many different wedding traditions passed down from generation to generation.  I am going to start a series about the different traditions around the world. I can’t wait to share with all my readers!!