Irene + John’s Wedding: California Science Center //110814//

A couple of months ago, I’ve had the pleasure to plan my cousin’s wedding.  Now, you may be wondering how I was able to plan and coordinate a wedding and be able to enjoy my cousin’s special day.  I am very lucky to have such wonderful assistants who helped me coordinate the wedding once the festivities have begun.  The venue for the reception was the Willis Annenberg Building at the California Science Center.  This building was located right next door to the Rose Garden where the ceremony was held.  What made this wedding stand out to me was that this wedding was very different from the weddings that i am used to planning.  Nowadays, many brides prefer the rustic feel for their wedding.  Rustic weddings are one of my favorite themes to plan.  But getting out of my bubble and planning a totally different theme was a challenge but it was so much fun to plan.  The location offers traditional and contemporary beauty.  Where else can you find a botanical garden on the second floor, a beautiful water fountain, and an amazing backdrop?  This beauty was just jaw dropping and I definitely hope that I can plan more events in that space.

Irene and John’s wedding was just so magical.  The venue was transformed into a beautiful and glamorous reception.  With the high and low centerpieces and pink lighting and fluorescent pin spots throughout the room, it was a sight to see.  This wedding was very different for the guests because in an Asian culture, oftentimes, the wedding consists of the tea ceremony, hours at the park taking photos with family and friends, and the reception at a traditional Chinese restaurant a couple of hours later. Irene and John wanted to do something different but include some of the traditions that Irene did not want her family to forget.  We had the tea ceremony in the morning and we also had Lion Dancers at the start of the receptions.  We also did a family style dinner consisting of specialty Chinese dishes.  As soon as dinner was completed, the festivities began and guests enjoyed dancing the night away.  This day was definitely one Irene and John will never forget.

Kevin Le Vu Photography was kind enough to send me some photos of the wedding.  Check it out down below!  If you haven’t had the chance to watch their same day edit video by FonD Productions, click here.

John and Irene-114-2 John and Irene-123-2 John and Irene-127-2 John and Irene-132-2 John and Irene-139-2 John and Irene-157-2 John and Irene-199-2 John and Irene-217-2 John and Irene-265-2 John and Irene-341-2 John and Irene-353-2 John and Irene-396-2 John and Irene-399-2 John and Irene-451-2 John and Irene-483-2 John and Irene-692-2 John and Irene-715-2 John and Irene-725-2 John and Irene-731-2 John and Irene-737-2 John and Irene-750-2 John and Irene-824-2 John and Irene-951-2 John and Irene-1276-2 John and Irene-1332-2 John and Irene-1470-2 John and Irene-1500-2 John and Irene-1517-2 John and Irene-946-2

Videographer// FonD Productions

Photographer// Kevin Le Vu Photography

Wedding Planner// Emily Lieng: Everlasting Serendipity

Wedding Caterer & Reception Coordinator// Mariel Lee: Event Professionals

Hair and Makeup// Chiali Meng

Floral Design// Matt Duran: The Flower Garden

DJ & Lighting// Allen Lee: Shine Entertainment

Wedding Ceremony// Expo Center Rose Garden

Wedding Reception// California Science Center ( Wallis Annenberg Building)


Tip Tuesday: Off-Season Weddings

Weddings can get pretty expensive.  If you’re trying to save some money, consider having your wedding during the off season months. During that time,  businesses are hungry for clients and you can definitely negotiate to lower your prices and save for that honeymoon you always dreamed of.  If you are inviting out of town guests, they’ll be saving money too.  Hotels and airfare are also cheapest during the off season time.  You’re guests will have happy wallets too!

The off season months vary from region to region.  But I have been noticing that in Los Angeles, the off season months are from November to March of the next year.  April to October are the busy months. If you do choose to go with the months between November and March, make sure that you plan your venue accordingly.  You wouldn’t want an outdoor wedding during the cold winter days.  Think rationally.  Something’s gotta give if you want to save some money.  Also, keep in mind that holidays will most likely be peak season pricing.  So make sure to avoid those dates as well.  Happy Planning!

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Los Coyotes Golf Club Bridal Expo

I recently went to a Bridal Expo in Los Coyotes Golf Club.  This was a great way for me to make new connects as well as see what other styles are out there for future weddings.  I really enjoyed all the table scape and decorations that the vendors had laid out.  And you can’t argue that the free food they had us to sample was definitely a plus!!
Here are some photos I took from the event:
This table scape is by far my favorite at the event.  It’s just so elegant and simple.  I couldn’t stop looking!!
I especially loved entering into the event and seeing this wonderful table.  The first thought was that this was a wonderful area for escort cards or the bride and groom’s guest book.
I can’t wait to explore other wedding expos and take in the new ideas for future events!!
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Ambassador Gardens and Mansions (Pasadena, CA)

Recently, I went with my client and her fiance to visit a lovely venue for her upcoming wedding. It is the Ambassador Gardens and Mansion in Pasadena and it was one of the most breathtaking places I have ever been. It is rustic and charming. It is a great place for tea time and fun. I can imagine an Elegant Princess wedding on the Bridge leading to a wonderfully beautiful Reception at the Fowler Garden.

Wouldn’t you like to feel like Snow White roaming through the magical forest? I feel like I’ve been transformed into her world when I see this stream.
The Fowler Garden was originally built for Tea Time with friends and now wedding receptions are held here.
This is a great Romeo and Juliet photo op on the balcony.
I love the way the Fowler Garden was decorated in this photo.  I love the high centerpieces and the hanging market lights..
Every time I set foot on this property, I feel like I’m in another part of this world.  The sounds of the running rivers are just so calming, I could just go there to relax and read a good book.  There is so much potential to make this venue look magnificent.  Ideas just keep flowing in my head.   If my clients don’t pick this venue, I will be sure to find a client that will!!
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