Modern Day Wedding Traditions: The First Look

Credit: Traveling Tree Photography

The first look is not an old tradition passed down from generations to generations.  It only started recently.  Couples found that having a first look before the ceremony allowed them to see each other and be able to take photos before.  I have had plenty of brides who choose this option over the traditional way of the groom seeing the bride for the first time when she walks down the aisle.  There are pros and cons for having a first look but regardless, you still get to see the reaction of the groom when he sees his future wife for the first time in her beautiful wedding dress.  When you have a first look, the moment is more intimate because it is just you two in a place of your choice that you get to share.  When you have a good photographer, they are able to capture that moment just perfectly.  What do you think about The First Look?  Do you prefer to share an intimate moment with your partner or would you like to wait until the time of the ceremony to see each other for the first time? Are you someone who like to stick to the old traditions or do you like to create new ones?  Let me know!


Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner


Do you want to be stressing on the day of your wedding? Do you want to deal with collecting all the RSVP’s from your guests and calculating how many people will be attending your big day? Do you want to be constantly bothered by vendors and guests with questions on the day of your wedding rather than enjoying it fully?  If you answered NO to any of these, this is why you need a wedding planner.  072

Wedding planners are there to help you with all the details of your wedding.  They are there to help you find the perfect venue and vendors.  Unless you know where you’ve always wanted to get married, you wouldn’t want to waste your planning time looking for a venue.  Planners help you narrow down your decisions so that it will be easier to decide on what fits you best.  From your first consultation, a planner tries to figure out your personality and your style so they can easily help you plan the wedding to your perfection.


But you want to plan your own wedding anyways? Some brides want to have the chance of being a part of the planning process or a wedding planner may not be in the budget.  She want to be able to make all the decisions on her own without having to consult with a professional.  Wedding coordinators are perfect for these kinds of brides.  The bride meets the coordinator a couple of weeks before to talk about the details of the wedding and what it is they will need help with.  Coordinators are perfect for the day of the wedding because it allows the bride and groom to be stress-free and enjoy their day.  Brides who don’t have coordinators tend to stress out when vendors and guests start coming to them asking them questions about the wedding.  Coordinators will be your go to person when anyone has a question.  That way the happy couple stays happy throughout the day and into the night.  081

I recommend couples to hire a wedding planner because when you work with a professional throughout the whole process, the planner will understand your needs and they’ll feel like your friends rather than another vendor. But if a planner isn’t in your budget or you’ve always wanted to play a part in every aspect of your wedding, then a coordinator would be something you should invest in.  At least have a professional run your wedding to ensure it goes smoothly and worry-free!

Happy Planning!!

Photo credits: Traveling Tree Photography


Tip Tuesday: Rainy Wedding Day


Who said that rain on your wedding had to be a bad thing? If your wedding day ends up having some unexpected rainfall, why not take advantage of it with your photographer.  Overcast skies give off some of the best lighting.  Get creative with the lighting and rainy window panes.  I just love how raindrops look on window panes.  Heck, I just love rain in general.  I’m a dancing in the rain kind of gal.  Rain can give off such a unique artistic feel to your photos.  Being outdoors during the overcast can allow for some pretty romantic photo ops.


If it’s still raining at the end of the night and you aren’t worried about getting your dress ruined, run into the rain and share a dance with your wedding party.  No umbrella required.  You get great photos and an awesome way to end the night.  Just make sure you’re wearing your favorite waterproof mascara! Embrace the Rain!


Friday Favorites: Fall Series //3//: Big Bloomed Flowers





Beautiful greenery and florals can help to enhance your venue.  They can also turn a mediocre place into an recognizably magnificent place.  I love flowers and how they just brighten up a room with their presence.  My most recent obsession is big bloomed flowers.  Instead of bouquets and centerpieces that are put together with just small flowers, try arranging big bloomed florals with smaller accent flowers to put everything together.  You don’t even need to pick one kind of big bloomed flower.  Pick a couple that go with your wedding colors.  Dahlias, Zinnias, and Marigolds are in season during the Fall and they’ll look great together.  You know what they say, “Go big or go home.”

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Tip Tuesday: Fall Series //2//: Utilize What You Already Have

When I say this, I mean utilize what Autumn has inspired.  Be one with nature! Incorporate the season’s natural beauty into your wedding.


Fall is an increasingly popular time to have a wedding.  It is not too hot or cold.  Consider using twigs, apples, leaves, and cranberries into your decorations.  You can incorporate these things into your bouquet and centerpieces as well.


Finding items within nature or edibles that are in season during the fall, will definitely help you save money.  Fall is so beautiful inside and out.  From the beautiful colors that the falling leaves bring to the ground to the vibrant flowers and fruits that grow during this magnificent season, I just can’t get enough of this season! Now if only the heatwave can leave California so that we can actually enjoy what Fall has to offer. =)

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Inspiration Day : Fall Series //1//: Fall Colors


For the month of October, I wanted to do a Fall Wedding Series.  What better way to start this series off than with Fall Colors!!


Choosing the colors for your wedding can definitely be challenging.  If you’re like me, you’ll be changing your colors as quickly as the seasons come and go.  Fall is finally at our doorsteps and I just love the rich colors that are inspired by this season. I just love seeing the leaves change from green to hues of orange.  Now if only Los Angeles had leaves changing colors everywhere.  Here are some of my favorite colors for the Fall that would make great wedding color themes!

Emerald Green

Emerald Wedding


Orange Wedding


Cranberry Wedding


Fuschia Wedding


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Trending Thursday: Popular Food Idea

You can’t have a wedding without delicious food! In all honesty, guests come to weddings partially because they want to taste the food you have chosen for your wedding.  Of course, they also want to be a part of you and your other half’s tying of the knot.  But after the celebrations, they’ll be wondering what delicious cuisine will they get to try.


Cocktails and passed hors d’oeuvres have become quite popular these days.  It is the period in between the ceremony and reception.  It gives you time to take photos and it give the guests time to mingle while have a bite to eat.

Another trend that is catching on is hiring a food truck to come towards the end of the night when guests have been dancing and having a great time.  It’s a great way for guests to enjoy a late night snack before they leave for the night.  Guests will get to share a little bit of your favorite late night snack and they get to leave your party well fed.7835029438_86b08d2370_o

Tip Tuesday: Off-Season Weddings

Weddings can get pretty expensive.  If you’re trying to save some money, consider having your wedding during the off season months. During that time,  businesses are hungry for clients and you can definitely negotiate to lower your prices and save for that honeymoon you always dreamed of.  If you are inviting out of town guests, they’ll be saving money too.  Hotels and airfare are also cheapest during the off season time.  You’re guests will have happy wallets too!

The off season months vary from region to region.  But I have been noticing that in Los Angeles, the off season months are from November to March of the next year.  April to October are the busy months. If you do choose to go with the months between November and March, make sure that you plan your venue accordingly.  You wouldn’t want an outdoor wedding during the cold winter days.  Think rationally.  Something’s gotta give if you want to save some money.  Also, keep in mind that holidays will most likely be peak season pricing.  So make sure to avoid those dates as well.  Happy Planning!

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